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What your Furbaby Receives

Aloe & Coconut Shampoo:

      Not only does this shampoo deep clean and deodorize, it replenishes the natural moisture balance of the pet's skin and coat. With natural aloe, papaya, and coconut, the pet's coat will be left smelling great and feeling soft.

Spa Conditioner:

      This is a Plumeria and Oatmeal based conditioner. While the oatmeal helps to moisturize the skin and coat, the plumeria helps to repair damaged skin. Plumeria is a natural anti-inflammatory. The Spa Conditioner is great for all pets, but especially those with dry, itchy skin.

Oatmeal & Tea Tree Shampoo:

      This is a medicated shampoo that is great for pets with dry, itchy, and flakey skin. It also helps to reduce dandruff and scales.

Kiwi & Cocoa Butter Conditioner:

      This conditioner helps to restore dull and dry coats. The cocoa butter and kiwi provide natural moisture for the coat, while the papaya helps keep your pet smelling fresh and clean.

Blueberry Facial:

      We use South Barks Blueberry Facial shampoo.  The blueberry facial cleanses and brightens your pet's face.  It also helps to reduce tear stains, all while absorbing bad odors and leaving a fresh blueberry scent.

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