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What your Furbaby Receives

Flea & Tick Spray:

      The spray is intended as instant knock-down release spray. It provides quick relief from any visible biting fleas and ticks. This is used before any bath treatment.

Flea & Tick Shampoo:

      Our flea & tick shampoo is a cucumber melon shampoo, in which the active ingredients are pyrethrins, piperonyl, and butoxide. This shampoo is for both cats and dogs, 12 weeks of age and older. The shampoo helps to instantly kill fleas and ticks present on the body.

Spot on Treatment:

      We use K9 Advantix II, which is topical treatment that aides in killing and preventing fleas and ticks for up to one month.

Spa Conditioner:

      This is a Plumeria and Oatmeal based conditioner. While the oatmeal helps to moisturize the skin and coat, the plumeria helps to repair damaged skin. Plumeria is a natural anti-inflammatory. The Spa Conditioner is great for all pets, but especially those with dry, itchy skin.

Blueberry Facial:

      We use South Barks Blueberry Facial shampoo.  The blueberry facial cleanses and brightens your pet's face.  It also helps to reduce tear stains, all while absorbing bad odors and leaving a fresh blueberry scent.

Nail Grinding:

      We use a Dremel, which is a rotary tool with a sandpaper finish to file down your pet's nails. Opting for nail grinding will allow your dog's nails to filed closer to the quick (vein) of the nail, therefore leaving the nail as short as possible. Nail grinding also allows the groomer to round the edges of the nails, leaving them smooth and less likely to scratch.

Teeth Brushing:

      We use Oxyfresh Dental Gel for your pets teeth. It is a vet recommended, non-toxic, and cruelty free. Our Oxyfresh dental treatment helps to clean teeth, soothes gums, freshens breath, and conditions the teeth and gums.

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